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use of restriction endonuclease on bacterial DNA and formation of new traitsUse of ligase for cutting DNADeveloping instrumentsUse of statistic in genetics

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Genetic engineering involves the formation fo recombinant DNA molecules by cleaving the insert DNA and vectors from same restriction endonuclease, and joining them together to form insert-vector-DNA.


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equation in genetic engineering in wall and options are a use of restriction endonuclease on bacterial DNA information of nutrient be used for cutting near me the developing instruments and to be Pili like also the name is the genetic engineering engineering engineering bit of all you know think that it is some sort of you know developing instruments or something but that's not an option is not correct and we have the normal a gene of interest and the cut both these are basically we have the plant vector and we have the gene of interest both both of them using the same area which is the restriction endonuclease and then

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QuestionGenetic engineering involves :
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