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Class 12






Breathing And Exchange Of Gases


Gases diffuse over the respira...

Updated On: 27-06-2022

Video Solution: Gases diffuse over the respiratory surface because of PO_(2)

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Text Solution

is more in alveoli thatn in blood is more in blood than in tissues is less in alveoli than in blood is less in blood than in tissues

Answer : C

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Chapter NameBreathing And Exchange Of Gases
SubjectBiology (more Questions)
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question here is the gases diffuse over the respiratory surface because of the partial pressure of oxygen is more in alveolar done in blood is low in blood in than in tissue it is blessing algari Dan Kan blood it is less in blood done in tissue here right suggested answer now we know that the alveoli is a site where the exchange of gases it happens and exchange of gases is happening here are the alveoli because it has the presence of the very thin blood capillaries here and think makes the exchange more visible here right now what happen if we know that the blood capillaries they are present here and we have the alveolus so surrounding the alveolus we have the thing blood capillaries so that the exchange what happened oxygen is coming in and carbon dioxide is moving out here and it will move to lungs and then we will expire it so how this exchange is happening here is the main reason

partial pressure here if you talk about the partial pressures to this is defined as the force which is exerted by a gas rate and partial pressure is very much important for the movement here right and we know that if we talked about the diffusion Here's To The diffusion is that the gases of the solute they moved from the higher concentration to watch the lower concentration here if you talk about the alveolar hairs in the alveolar we see that the partial pressure of oxygen is 140 mm HC right and in the blood capillaries we have the partial pressure of oxygen as 40 mm HG now what will happen partial pressure this is higher this is lower so the Oxygen will tend to move from the higher concentration to lower that means it will try to move from LP only to the blood capillary hear this is how the exchange

gases happening because the respiratory surface of the elderly it has the partial pressure of oxygen which is more in case of alveolar here 140 mm HG and in blood it is less which is 40 mm HG here so more in elderly than in the blood here

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