Question : Fruit of Calotropis is

Updated On: 17-04-2022

Video Solution: Fruit of Calotropis is

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Nut Follicle Berry Siliqua

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students of the question has face fruit of calotropis and Subah talk about the calotropis fruit the calotropis fruit here represent it represent a fruit which to fall in the two follicles type of simple simple are the fruits and dry the calotropis fruit is dry in this means whenever it mature it opens up an triplets developed from a single flower that they are Monu ka plus develop from single flower and fruit follicle is a fruit which

message from one suture follicle is approved which diocese sambandh suture from one part so hair follicle seems to be the correct option but when the other options are incorrect to BC then the first option given have that is not so not this is an fruit this is a fruit and this is a n doesn't fruit that is in doesn't that is the does not open when their mature when they write this is Indus and fruits this option is here incorrect and ever talked about the third option that is very very is a succulent fruit tree is a succulent root hair third option is also in correct and ever talked about the last option that

select2 select where is a dicing fruit with Paul septum consists this is zazzle's this is matching with the characteristic of the fruit of cal is but this does not have the false septum and this is called reply in which is absent in calotropis so this is also called as Rapid Sohail this option is also in correct and Sohail the correct option is follicle sohera second option is correct square to you thank you

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QuestionFruit of Calotropis is
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