Question : Fruit is legume in family

Updated On: 17-04-2022

Video Solution: Fruit is legume in family

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hello student the question here says that the fruit is legume in which of the family's so here we see when we talk about a legume which is also called as a pod it is it is a type of a fruit which develops from a superior superior means a hypo Gyno that means the ovary lies Above The Other segments and ocean and collection the sepals and it is a unilocular ovary that means having only single oculi and it is monocarpellary pistol mono ka cal pistol that means having only one couple in a flower now marginal placentation will be seen in this type of a flower marginal placentation and we talk about marginal placentation that means the present our lives only on the margins of the ventral suture of the ovary this Rich where are the ovules are born on it and what does it look like

SAP so when we talk about this that means a mixture of two devices by both dorsal and ventral suture and this occurs in the members of a family gomenasai that is the family fit right to hear option number one is a right answer this question why legume does not occur in the other three families this family is a grasses family the poet family Taras also belonging to the grasses where are the solanaceae family is the Potato family so in all these liquid will not occur by where as we see that the option of one can be marked as a right answer for this question where are the other options can be marked as the wrong ones so this is all about this query thank you

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QuestionFruit is legume in family
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