Question : Frog, cockroach, fish, dog

Updated On: 17-04-2022

Video Solution: Frog, cockroach, fish, dog

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hair spa with frock cockroach fish and dog we have to pick the odd one out from here is the one which is an amphibian here like it belongs to the file amphibia cockroach it belongs to the Phylum Arthropoda the fishes se belong to the class which is Pisces you right and the dog they belong class mammals you right now out of the following the odd one out here it is the special by fish because the frog cockroach and dog the all Terrestrial animals they are found on the land and for the Restoration they have the well developed long system right even the dual character they can be living under the water also but they also have the presence of the lungs which makes them capable of the spiralling right on the other hand is it ok

show the fishes they are the aquatic animals write and their Aspire with the help of the right gives your present on the body which will absorb the oxygen from the water which will pass over this gives this is how the respiratory difference is between them here

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QuestionFrog, cockroach, fish, dog
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