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Class 12






Structural Organisation In Animals


Formation of cartilage bones i...

Updated On: 27-06-2022

Video Solution: Formation of cartilage bones involves

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deposition of bony matter by osteoblasts and resorption by chondroclasts deposition of bony matter by osteoclasts and resorption by chondroblasts only deposition of bony matter by osteolasts only deposition by bony matter by osteoblasts only

Answer : d
Solution : Osteoblasts are bone forming cells while osteoclasts are bone-destroying cells . Ossification or osteogenesis is the process of bone formation. <br> Chondroblasts are cartilage forming cells.

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Chapter NameStructural Organisation In Animals
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hello students in this question we need to know that the formation of cartilage bone involves which out of the following processes the here we see that what is cartilage phones Katli phone is basically it is a heart and the richest form of connective tissue so as we know bone and cartilages food are connective tissue whereas cartilage is a hard and the rigid form of connective tissue these bones are elastic than rubber like and the cover and protect ends of the long bone that means cartilages are present at the end of the long bone and there are also present at the joints and the nose Sudeep and structural components of the Rib cage as well the year

nose and intervertebral discs that is between the two vertebrae the disc which is present that inter vertebral disc so here we see that Control + artist cells which are involved in formation of cartilage parts are involved in the formation of platly we have another type of cells which are called as control class which are involved in reservation of cartilage the calcified cartilage can be resolved by means of the cell that is control class so bone formation is also called as osteogenesis this bone formation kampi of to type it can directly deposited the salt of the bone and format it can be endochondral ossification that means the cartridges are ossified to form the bones

and cartilage Azhar ossified to form the bones the cartilages have to be resolved the reason kind or embryonic tissue is first converted into cartilage in the second step the chondrocytes are formed next the chondrocytes will form the Bony framework and secrete The extracellular Matrix after this will become large in volume and they will start adding the calcium carbonate to the matrix which will result in the formation of bones osteoblast those cells which help in the formation of bones and control class are those cells which help in the is option of cartilage and cartilage has to be replaced by the bone this is for cartilage is option then the cartilage has to be replaced by the moon the cartridges option is much so that that these can be taken up by the both also the bone write this kis option number one become the

right option of discussion that is deposition of the Bony matter by the osteoblasts and the desorption by the conduct last where is when the season 3 options it says deposition of a Bony matter by the osteoclast but costume class are the bone resorbing cells and the chondroblast has we have extend these are the cartilage forming said second class are the cartilage forming cells so that mean for the osteogenesis process we require the placement of cartilage is which are formed by the bones that means chondroplasty reserve the catalyst and osteoblast will form the bone here only definition of the Bony matter what the osteoclast this is all wrong option deposition of the Bony matter by the osteoblast this is also the wrong option so here we see that only the option of one becomes the right option for this question this is all about this query thank you

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