For testing Oparin's hypothesis Stanley Miller and Harold Urey used H2,NH3 and two other chemicals which were


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Step by step video solution for For testing Oparin's hypothesis Stanley Miller and Harold Urey used H_2,NH_3 and two other chemicals which were by Biology experts to help you in doubts & scoring excellent marks in Class 12 exams.


hello students have a look at the question question is for testing of hypothesis Stanley Miller and hello during used hydrogen ammonium and two other chemical which were Oxygen and methane and oxygen and water Methane and water salt and water and perform the experiment for testing the operons hypothesis Operon hypothesis was that chemical basis of life it means the life there has been originated on the earth from the inorganic Chemicals from the and multiple further Complex organic Mein we consider the complex molecules are being formed so that was the chemical chemical basis of the life to prove that they conducted an environment they conduct an experiment in that
conditions used words similar to the primitive atmosphere the used all that conditions that is reducing environment with use or condition which was supposed to be existed on the primitive atmosphere and all these gases they have used which was supposed to be present on the primitive atmosphere to hi for gaseous mixture of four cases that is the Methane of ammonia then there is the Methane and hydrogen and water vapour in water vapour used and these were taken in a flask under the electric field these all Chemicals were taken in a flowers Chemicals were taken in a flask and a strong electric field that is being applied strong
field applied and then after strong electric field they have found that in the other flowers they have found that there was formation of the today observe 5 amino acids that has been formed 5 amino acid than after 5 - other amino acid than Complex organic molecules starting from the date in organic molecule Complex organic molecule and then the life has been originated to the prove that sofa for that they used a mixture of four gases that is a Ammonia then there is Methane and hydrogen and the water these four was used option is a Oxygen and environment was very reducing there was no oxygen presence of their mind use the oxygen so very incorrect Oxygen and water again oxygen was not they have taken because
environment was reducing Methane and water yes this is correct salt and water this is also incorrect option C is correct hope you get it thank you

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