Question : For Mucor zygospore is

Updated On: 17-04-2022

Video Solution: For Mucor zygospore is

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Haploid Thick-wall resting spore Asexual spore Spore that germinates to form zoospores .

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hello students the question here says that form you ka the zygospore is so here we see that Mein cord is a member of the back of my cities and phycomyces is the alkyl Sanjay while this cycles for here is a sections for of the phycomyces it is which is formed during the sexual reproduction went to zygo 404 means mycelium which are caught a program it and so this is one of the positive type and one is of the negative Plus and minus trains they come in contact with each other at number of Pieces so they contact Each Other Now tips of these I go force will for areas which are called as Pro gametangium right now the world the grammar tendua formed they are separated from the rest of the high speed

by means of a small structure which is called as suspensor dispenser separated from the rest of the structure of protoplast of his contention of this rukavat enjoys a superclass of the flask EMI tenure and the one which is formed on the - train both kemiti danger the protocol of this will fuse using of the protoplast will occur at the fusing of the protoplast occur they will be formation of a zygote first followed by the formation of this site is for which is a thick walled sport so it is a resting thick words for which is dark brown aur black round 1 reserved for and it has a heavy water surface what is surface that means it is thick walled also while while we see that it is a

Bikaner is found by Plus and minus 3 and a given 10g of it and it is a post fertilization product cannot be applied it is thick walled listings for this we have seen so we can mark option number to his right answer this question was the third one says that it is a successful mobile we have two sections for formed as a result of sexual reproduction of this is wrong on the fourth one this force that germinate to form the zoospores this is also not remember in sexual reproduction of I am the zoospores are formed and these are the motile spores is a bi flagellated along with this in the Asexual Reproduction there are those for which is called as apply no sport and these are in motorsports we cannot move right so here we see that the structure which is shown here the the structure which you are talking about here that is very good for is a thick

walled resting so and it is a section we can work option Ambattur is the right answer this question this is all about this query thank you

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QuestionFor Mucor zygospore is
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