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For human female which of the following is incorrect?


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Menstrual cycle takes 28 days on an average
Menopause occurs at 45-55 years of age.
The eggs released during pregnancy die.
Menstruation takes 4 days on an average.
The correct Answer is C
During pregnancy, high levels of progesterone inhibits FSH and LH secretion. In absence of these hormones, there is no chance of ovulation and thus no pregnancy.


this question we ask that for human female which of the following is incorrect right so the option one is basically we are given that menstrual cycle days on an average menstrual cycle of the sexual cycle in females of 28 days with PC clean was the four faces that the problem that the menstrual right mention face proliferative phase right and then the overlay tree face and lastly the illusion of the secretory phase 2 this is even correct right and then we have the option to that Menopause occurs at the age of 45 to 55 years of age rights Menopause is basically the permanent write it is the permanent stop right it is the permanent stoppage of the Menstruation in case of females this basically this condition occurs around the age of 45 to 55 more
appropriately to say around the 50 years that this is even correct now the third one s38 released during pregnancy dies right side during pregnancy what happens is that The high-level write high level of the progesterone right because during the pregnancy tips for the maintenance of pregnancy progesterone is very important rights during the progesterone during the pregnancy there is high level of the project on that basically inhibits right that basically inhabits fsh and LH secretion and in absence of these two hormones there is no chance right there is no chance of population that is if the ovulation if itself not occur hence there will be no pregnancy right then there will be
no pregnancy rights we can simply say that it is incorrect correct Management which is that menstruation takes 4 days on an average CS it is it almost 1 4 2 6 days to complete in the human females only option is incorrect is option 3 and 10,000 answer right


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