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For a son to be haemophilic, ...

Question : For a son to be haemophilic,

Updated On: 17-04-2022

Video Solution: For a son to be haemophilic,

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Text Solution

the mother must be haemophilic.the father must be haemophilicthe mother may be haemophilic or carrier for haemophilia .the father may be haemophilic or carrier for haemophilia.

Answer :


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decoration for his son to be more police ok so take him seriously misellia it is the X linked recessive disorder X linked recessive disorder the genes for those More Piya is located on the X chromosome signal represents the X chromosome with defective gene with excess of a genius and what is what happens in the figure that is the deficiency of the coagulation factor which is called as anything in the factors and the Christmas Tata is also there so in this is a factor H and S what will happen the blood want to be coordinated and there will be the blood loss that is the meaning of India so now in this question is the genotype of son first select all rate x x y y x x for effected through this effect is there and their

chromosome ok so this is the affected me or you can now on one side of parents on the other side with father mother ok that Y chromosome is coming from father advice for the father and this is coming from other ok so women are the mother and shall pass on the affected due to the sun for there is a possibility that she can be a career that means you can have this type of Junior genotypes and father is normal and abnormal affected because this is contributing the Y chromosome only ok so from mother in can have the capital 100 reach and have the affected ok affected person possibilities that time is going to be universally but there is a 50% chance to the

other Carriers and 100% sure that it will be affected Mother Mary the mother is definitely the sun is going to be affected but even if the chances are there is going to be remotely close to this a correct options and Ally meaning of that is awesome to an option for what is the father of history doesn't matter if the father is normal or the Father is hemophilic over because they are not going to pass on the accessories definitely down to pass on only by days to doesn't matter is that they are normal ok second option and put option in correct or incorrect the correct answer for this question is often 3

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QuestionFor a son to be haemophilic,
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