Fluid exuding from the clotted blood is


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1 the question is dudh accident from clotted Blood given I am explaining you have what component blood have to plasma and blood cell blood plasma in the plasma arc plasma Hai plasma proteins and plasma have some mineral and plasma substance also that is hormones glucose and the plasma protein is a manly 3 type first one is
globulin globally and third one is hybrid hybrid no from being from being plasma protein have different function each of Plasma protein albumin have a function of maintenance of blood colloidal Osmotic pressure of blood main function in defence that is providing immunity to the person and fibrous brand and prothrombin involved in blood clotting in blood clotting blood clotting and this is blood cell and blood cell is of the first one is RBC red blood cell
white blood cell and third one flat flat I am going to explain in short blood clotting what is the mechanism of blood clotting blood clotting is the process of to stop the flow of blood from the cut part of the anybody part is there is a body is there is the cut and if it is then blood vessels get also damage this blood diamond and after Diamond of blood from that injured part but an injured part of this injured tissue this this was one thing which is known as the exit thromboplastin thrombo exotherm book
plastic eggs thermoplastic is bye have many blood cells like RBC WBC platelets flatlet at this injured tissue flatlet get wrapped and platelet and platelets religious and thrombo and O3 plus and now and thromboplastin and exit thromboplastin combined together to form thromboplastin to form from more than plastic combines with calcium ion and some clotting factor present in blood at liver and heart and blood and thermoplastic reaction
calcium and clotting factor in cascade Mela then finally thromboplastin get converted into prothrombinase enzyme converted into Dinesh Pro enzyme and prothrombinase and joint is also known as Jumbo Jumbo Jumbo performs in activate it in activated LED anticoagulant in blood that is Apparent and second one activate activate particular form been activated by the prothrombin get converted into from the get converted into
ramban convert into Hai Vinod then is Plasma protein which is soluble in plasma so this is not like Wildfire hybrid and hear a network network like this one at a network and at this site other blood cell now if blood cells tried to cross this then blood cells can't cross because there is no any but for that blood cell can cross but plasma cross through it but these plasma protein that is
prothrombin is used in blood clotting and clotting factor is also used in blood clotting so we accept had been used and and prothrombin and clotting factor out from this and that will be plasma that will be rajma without clotting factor without clotting factor because clotting factor is used in this mechanism of without cloth from this Cut section that is a fibrous plasma without clotting factor comes from this Cut section and son this will become dry and construction will be without clotting factor is
serum is known as serum plasma without outcome after blood check option first class with most of the formed elements formed elements is the another name of blood cells formed elements is the other name of this will not be the answer of this question because blood cells can't Cross with 5 then this is not the next without protection without from destruction serum vs plasma without factor is known as freedom is 2 and 3 final between that is what two and three thank you

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