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Sexual Reproduction In Flowering Plants


Flower with a feathery and sti...

Updated On: 20-06-2022

Video Solution: Flower with a feathery and sticky stigma, numerous light pollen, reduced petals is characteristically

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Moth pollinated flowersBird pollinated flowerBee pollinated flowerWind pollinated flower

Answer : D

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Chapter NameSexual Reproduction In Flowering Plants
SubjectBiology (more Questions)
Type of AnswerVideo
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In Video - English
In Text - English
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hello everyone let's start the questions to the person says that flower with feathery stigma numerous light Pollen reduced petals is characteristically OK Here these features are flower with feathery stigma and humans Pollen Grain reduce Pata is characteristic of what options are given we see all the options one by one first option it's a smooth pollinated flowers ok this is the pollination which is done by the insects OK it is done by the insect pollination that is also known as entomophily OK it is also known as enter more Pili flowers flowers have the bright colour patterns they have the bright colour petals ok and

they are the fragrant flowers fragrant flowers bouquet and they made a small number of OK then with a small number of pollen grains and the stigma is not further but sticky ok the stigma is the ki ok so this is a characteristic of this entomophily flower ok now this and these are the features which attract the insect to the flowers so that the pollination can occur ok so these are not the feature of the squares of the flower which is mentioned in the question option A will be wrong as pollinated flower this is this flower is known as the ornithophilous flower OK it is also known as ornato

Cena flower OK so the characteristic of this they are the large colour flower they have the large colour patterns petals ok last colour petals ok and they are these petals are the pendant like structure ok and flowers are the non pregnant they are the non pregnant flowers because the boats have the birds have the week old factory organ so they cannot smell the flowers ok so option we will be also wrong because these are not the features of the flower of the question ok so options it says be pollinated flower which is B is a Insect and these are the feature of the insect so efficiency will be also wrong no option to it says the wind

flower that is also known as a nemophilist flower it is also known as well as any more sorry any more fields flower ok Fila flower ok now what are the characteristic this wind is the abiotic agent ok this is the abiotic agent and they does it is not required the fragrance of flower does not require the presence of flower and they do not require the nectar and the flower colour petals coloured petals ok and the nectar also ok but the pollen grains are here is produced in an amount

abundant amount ok the pollen grains are produced each year in a row ok and they this is the non directional process so they produce the more amount of pollen grains because so that it will increase the chances of pollination ok so these are the features and the wind pollinated flowers have the feathery and sticky Sigma Sigma so that the Pollen which fallen on the stigma cannot blown away by the win ok so it will stick very tightly to the stigma and the problems are lightweight ok because they have to take so that the wind can carry easily their light weighted ok so this

features of the flower which is mentioned in the which is mentioned in the question ok now this windflower wind pollinated flower have the short title and the statement and the stigma are exhausted ok they are the exit they have the exerted Sigma and Saman ok so that the wind pollination can occur easily ok and the petals are very short ok the petals are very short so that during the pollination it it should not come in between and create a problem in the pollination ok so option d is absolutely correct correct answer will be wind pollinated flower have the celery stick is Sigma numerous light pollen and reduce Pitta the characteristic of wind pollinated flower that is the anymore phyllis flower bouquet

understand thank you

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