Flower is a modified shoot Justify the statement.

Updated On: 27-06-2022

Text Solution

Flower is a modified shoot. There are following points which prove that a flower is a modified shoot.
(i) Flowers arise in the axils of bracts like the axillary shoots which themselves arise in the axil of leaves. (ii) In some plants, flowers may be modified into bulbils which take part in vegetative reproduction e.g. Onion, Agave. (iii) In Paeonia there is gradual transition from vegetative leaves to floral leaves. (iv) The floral organs of Nymphaea (Water Lily) indicate all stages between a sepal and petal and between a petal and a stamen. (v) The sepals are similar in morphology to leaves in Rose. (vi) Passion flower (Passiflora) and Cleome gynandra have internodes between various floral leaves. (vii) The growing point of thalamus after giving a flower may give rise to a shoot or another flower above it. (viii) The stamens of Degenaria are expanded like leaves whereas its carpels are folded like leaves. (ix) Internal structure of pedicel and thalamus is similar to that of stem while vascular supply to different floral organs resemble the vascular supply for leaves.

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