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Floral formula ocr_image belongs to family


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The correct Answer is C


hello everyone know we're going to understand about this question and question says that so the question is this is the floral formula ok and we have to find the floral formula is belong to which of the family which we have which is given in the option ok so this formula is belong to the family of sebc why LIC assistant ok so ABC family we know that if we give a brief idea about the fabaceae family so pharmacy family including it including various economically important plants economical economical
portant plants bright and also this family is also known as also known leguminosae leguminosae ok and since it belong to the P or legume family ok the fabaceae family is belong to the legume family or if we discuss about the how much is species is present in the fabaceae family 20,000 species found in species found in over the world ok now now come to the features so if it is about the features of the features are the route is dicotyledons tap root with root nodule system is erect and climber
are Patali and pinnately compound or simple ok and in fabaceae family basically if we talk about the which come into the family so so sorry soft Herbs and fees if you talk about the floral nodal characteristics of fabaceae family so plural characteristics in the product characteristics the receivers in florissant is present here Raisen inflorescence ok and bisexual flower is a bisexual
Shah and Roshan androecium written instrument which is 9 plus one which is given in the floral formula and Diana cm is 1 so basically this formula is belong to the family of Pharmacy so this is our answer option ok so you understand well thank you


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