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Updated On: 17-04-2022

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Fat ProteinsVitaminsMinerals

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hello students the question is a fish flower is rich in which of the following nutrients so fish flour is made up of the unprocessed fish East also of the fresh fish so and processed fish waste can be used to make this or second thing is that the fresh fish can also be used to make fish colour white discharge a rich content of the amino acids as well as vitamins but at the same time it is important to mention here that it has a very very high protein content to the right answer which we can mark here is the option about to that is it has got the high protein content services right answer MI no doubt there are other components such as Minerals and vitamins also present but then we say that it is rich in that this becomes the right answer to the other

Azhar wrong answers here so you are busy because of this have very high protein content it is usually used for as a field for the Barn animals for the poultry animals and as well as for the fish itself so this is all about this query option to is a right answer thank you

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QuestionFish flour is rich in
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