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First child of a normal coupl...

Updated On: 27-06-2022

Video Solution: First child of a normal couple is suffering from sickle cell anaemia. The possibility of a second child having the disorder is

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Answer : A

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Chapter NameNeet
SubjectBiology (more Questions)
Type of AnswerVideo
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hello senior season the first child of a normal couple is suffering from Sickle Cell anaemia to the possibility of second child having this disorder is how much so here we see that when we talk about a Sickle Cell anaemia it is inherited as autosomal recessive disorder and in this disorder it is a point mutation where a codon that is ji is in the mrn gets substituted with g u g because this mediation has occurred in the strand of the template strand of DNA so here we normally supposed to be the glutamic acid in the 6 position of the beta chain of hemoglobin now it is replaced by Value and thereby resulting in the change in the shape of the RBC is into Sickle shaped this RBC is have the capability of getting cloud underscores the anaemia so this is what the disorder is about Nabi se that is autosomal recessive disorder it is carried as a HPS 300 when we say the

both parents are normal that is both of these must be heterozygous for the condition because it is a recessive disorders of the parents are normal they do not show the Sickle Cell trait liya so now we see that this to type of the method is to jeans now get fertilized to they will be having a child which has got this Sickle Cell disorders let's work out this cross so in this case man partner will have this type of can eat well as other partner also have these two types of chemists these are the limit formation of working on the cross which will be there select makeup unit square out of this now now in this case we see that we can make you can just find out the probability chbs SBS hbs MBA is a carrier it is not the having a disorder then HHH vs HBK and there is HB ah BA which is the normal

this case we see that only how much 50% is 25% to 50% are the Carriers 25% on normal Where are these 25% are the disease ones which we are concerned about during the first fertilization if the disorder is having the disorder is there in first child couple that doesn't mean that in the second is order will not be there or it will be in 50% 100% so the chances of probability of passing on this Jin Jin will always remain 25% so in the next progeny order in how many 11 number of Rajni this chance will always be 25% to option number one is the right option for this question this is all about this query thank you

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