Find the odd one among the organisms.
(a) Scoliodon
(b) Exocoetus
(c) Torpedo
(d) Pristis


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Step by step video solution for Find the odd one among the organisms.(a) Scoliodon (b) Exocoetus (c) Torpedo (d) Pristis by Biology experts to help you in doubts & scoring excellent marks in Class 12 exams.


hello students lecturer the question find the odd one among the organisms option is call you done option be accepted as options a torpedo and option d process ok so basically we are to find the odd one among the following so basically that Modern School Modern is basically also known as dog wooden is this is basically a type of cartilaginous fish and cartilaginous fish because it has a dog that is used to exit is of which is a type of marine bonus issue type of the next option is
ottapedal also commonly known as the electric and it is a type of marine Marine option that is this process is also type of cartilaginous fish it is also I have a skeleton that's why does the cartilage is this prestigious in also known as the common feature which is observed in 3 patients out for the answer I hope

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