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Class 11






Cell: Structure And Functions


Find out the incorrect stateme...

Updated On: 27-06-2022

Video Solution: Find out the incorrect statement w.r.t. glyoxysomes

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Text Solution

It is reported from the endosperm of germinating seeds They usually occur in fat-rich plant cells. They are associated with glyoxylate cycle. They develop from mitochondria

Answer : D

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Chapter NameCell: Structure And Functions
SubjectBiology (more Questions)
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hello location find out the incorrect statement with respect to glyoxysomes the first option that is it is reported from endosperm of germinating seeds they usually occur in partridge plant cells they are associated with glyoxylate cycle and the developed from mitochondria right so you we're talking about the I don't they are the special type of special type of peroxisome right and found in the plants that it is mainly present in the cell there that conversion right

they are the micro body they are the micro bodies that contain and Society enzymes are present in the glyoxysomes right and these enzymes that responsible for the beta oxidation of fatty acid and also glyoxylate pathway and it is quite abundant in Gemini TV Jamai natak

B and B are basically responsible for the glyoxylate cycle in which state are converted right that ad is converted into the carbohydrate that can be found in the series containing fats and oils right containing fat and oil light on all we can take example of sunflower right and also peanut at set option if reported from the endosperm of germinating seeds to this is also correct statement you usually occur in the patridge blonde

it is also they are associated with glyoxylate cycle is also correct and the Delhi from mitochondria is wrong here because we know that these are the type of peroxisomes night goodnight and so is option I hope this will answer your question

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