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Fibrous thickening of endothec...

Fibrous thickening of endothecium are in the from of

Updated On: 27-06-2022

Video Solution: Fibrous thickening of endothecium are in the from of


Text Solution

AnnuliTangential strips Spiral bands Spiral radial bands.

Answer : D


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Fibrous thickening of endothecium are in the from of
Chapter NameNo Idea
SubjectBiology (more Questions)
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hello everyone we have a question here by brush technique in the endothecium are in the form of option one and only option to tangential stress option 3 spiral bands option for spiral radial band alright so first of all what is endothecium and 3cm is one of the covering of microsporangium write it is covering of microsporangium micro Toran Jim we can say the covering of anther although it is converted into fibrous thickening at the time of maturation of anther alright maturation maturation of anther so

these techniques are in the form like this radial bands arranged so the first option is and like a drink like structure but Singh a success there are so many radial bansor in right is ok so this option will not be correct and it will be wrong S tangential strip tangential means linear system specifically it is also not correct Paris right this can be Apparent that the option for parallel radial bands or right spiral bands is correct but Parul radio bands more specific to the correct option of 20 Payal radio band radium is like this popular bands in a spiritual manner to the correct answer of question will be an option for I hope you understand thank you very much


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