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Fermented beverage product wit...

Fermented beverage product without distillation is :

Video Solution: Fermented beverage product without distillation is :

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Updated On: 27-06-2022

Text Solution


Answer : A
Solution : Wine and beer and produced without distillation. <br> Whisky, brandy and Gin and produced using distillation.


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QuestionFermented beverage product without distillation is :
Chapter NameMicrobes In Human Welfare
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the question here says permitted beverage products without distillation in which of the following ok now basically when we do distillation when we produce of fermented beverages products are two types of product on first without installation without destination and the second is with installation with this Nation ok now this without distillation what will the characteristics of without installation will be it will have low concentration of alcohol low concentration of alcohol whereas the products produced without which solution will have high concentration of alcohol concentration of

alcohol to Dekho if you see your examples of products without installation is our wine be similarly if you see products with distillation it will be a whisky whisky brandy and Jen example or we can see we also have Ram these are the products which produced with this so you are options are Seth fermented beverage products without installation so answer will be a beer that is it is produced without distillation the correct answers option number rest of the option if we see Brandy whisky gen a produced with destination registration for these are the incorrect options

correct option is number one beer