Question : Female Silk Moth lays

Updated On: 17-04-2022

Video Solution: Female Silk Moth lays

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Text Solution

50-100 eggs200-250 eggs350-400 eggs800-1000 eggs.

Answer :


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hello everyone the given question here is female Silk moth Lays it first 5200 second 200 to 250 as third 350 to 400 X and The Fourth when is a 800 100 to 1000 super Singh Silk moth Silk moth is right and reproduce the produce Silk and the production of silk is known as Sahi culture when we talk about the life cycle life cycle of these is a delay egg write at hatch into the Lava after the convert into the Pupa and the Pupa stage is known as the Konkan

it is the coconut right and pupils convert into the adult right when we talk about the number of AG the number of AG approx 352 408 this question they asked the number of alibi Silk moth write the leather 350 to 400 X frequency the answer of this question is option number 3 thank you

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QuestionFemale Silk Moth lays
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