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Class 12






Biological Classification


Facultative parasites are thos...

Updated On: 27-06-2022

Video Solution: Facultative parasites are those which are ?

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Text Solution

Strictly parasitesUsually saprophytes but can also live as parasitesUsually parasites but can also lives a saprophytesStrictly saprophytes

Answer : B

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Chapter NameBiological Classification
SubjectBiology (more Questions)
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hello everyone should question here is facultative parasite are those which are usually sacrifice for can also lives for the sides usually parasites but can also leave profile when we talk about mode of nutrition like whether it is there 2001 is facultative and another obligate obligate means something that is compulsory and facultative that is temporary switching on or off vacancy facultative and parasites kinemania specially fungus a wide variety of Panchayat that behave as a facultative parasite parasites are the organisms that

live in or on the host so the depend upon the host for the food but when the word facultative is added with it then it means that these organisms they usually they behave as saprophytes no sacrifice is there anything that feed on dead King organisms permanently se do not depend upon the host for the completing the life cycle so they do not entirely depend upon host did not entirely dependent on the coast and Patel ticket the host they can switch to the parasitic mode of operation that can act as a parasite so from here we can conclude their stickley parasite

no they are not sick leave our site or otherwise it would have been obligate parasite they are usually stay profile but can also leave is parasite this is the English of the Dead but as they get the day under certain conditions they can Paradise their host now the third option using parasite but can also leave saprophytes no they are not usually parasites this sometime undergo the condition of parasites so there is no they are not obligated profile so they under certain conditions the Paris time setting condition this facultative parasite parasitize divorced show the correct answer is often able to usually separate but can also lives parasites thank you

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