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Class 12






Genetic Basis Of Inheritance


F_(2) generation has genotypic...

Updated On: 20-06-2022

Video Solution: F_(2) generation has genotypic and phenotypic ratio of 1:2:1. It is

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Text Solution

Codominance Dihybrid crossMonohybrid cross with complete dominanceMonohybrid cross with incomplete dominance.

Answer : D

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Chapter NameGenetic Basis Of Inheritance
SubjectBiology (more Questions)
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hello students the question is is F2 generation han genotypic and phenotypic ratio 1 is to 2 is to 1 what is it so hard to find out the right answer from these questions for these options given here while we talk about a phenomenon of incomplete dominance no incomplete dominance is seen in some of the plants and one of this Plant was a dogs are the interior of species the mirror Bullet Chala Par all the four o'clock plant what happens in this there are red colour flowers which are vegina type of tabula tabula are there are 2 white colour flowers which have new type of smaller and smaller so that means red is the dominant one where as White as a recessive one this is recessive while in the addition we see the capital are will come closer to smaller but this will fuse together now this results in a pink genotype rather than the red one it should have been read

the dominant gene is unable to completely dominate this results in pink now talking about the sensing of this no after the selfie we will be able to produce a F2 generation virus in F2 generation will have capital of capital is to coupler smaller is too small or smaller in the ratio of 1 is to 2 is to 1 where as we see you typically also it is 1 is to 2 is to 1 student of monohybrid cross with incomplete dominance which is the right answer this question option for become the correct answer whereas the other options let the other option other options is good governance dihybrid cross monohybrid cross with complete dominance here we see it and I have it cause the phenotypic ratio will be 9 is to 3 is to 1 Where are genotypic ratio is 1 is to 2 is to 1 is to 2 is to 4 is to 2 is to 1 is to 2 is to 1 cities the genotypic ratio where is

habit Cross with complete dominance that means the typical cross will have a phenotypic ratio of 3 is to 1 and genotypic ratio of 1 is to 2 is to 1 the here we see that the only right option for this question is optional Book 4 is all about this query thank you

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