Explain the process to transcription in prokaryotes .How is the process different in eukaryotes ?


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Step by step video solution for Explain the process to transcription in prokaryotes .How is the process different in eukaryotes ? by Biology experts to help you in doubts & scoring excellent marks in Class 12 exams.


hello everyone now we're going to understand about this question and question answer explain the process of transcription in prokaryotes how is it process different in you can we know that a transcription what is transcription translation is the formation of mrng from within DNA transcribe and form and again synthesise the protein and this process of quality and Central dogma of molecular biology and this particular transcription process is different in prokaryotes and eukaryotes and prokaryotes in prokaryote cell organelles are absent at what is like bacteria bacteria example
about the transaction process in prokaryotes so this figure is showing transcription in prokaryotes ok and similarly three steps is the process of transcription initiation the first person second is elongation and third installment in initiation at the very first this is double stranded DNA ok and in fragment on Indian double helical structure the Sigma factor is present here like this is ignis Sigma factor and this is attached at promoter region ok this promoter region and Promoter is promote transcription it promote
transcription so we can see that this Sigma factor is attached in the promoter region and the attachment it allowed the polymer RNA polymerase to attach here ok and polymer and polymerises the other polymerises Tarini Tarini sequence from description this reason for this is the process of initiation ok if we talked about the elongation elongation is further described and attached and another sequin and ponder strong are any this is the RNA polymerase this polymer is catalysed reaction catalyzed
process the formation of ionic with the presence of the polymerase enzyme and the RNA is formed gradual ok to talk about the termination in that in this step the stop sequence or we can say that as we know that there are two types of condoms or two to type of Secrets ok stop codon or start codon stop codon aur stop sequence are come and when the stop codons are come so the translation process will appoint adorable stop ok so we can say that this RNA is formed and this or any further translate
sweet and can protein molecule simplifies the property and the translation process will be terminated from this reason ok and determination determination occur by the help of the Rope actor who killed ISRO factor is attached with the promoter of the RNA polymerase enzyme and it inhibits polymer to transcribe transcribed in transcription process of formation of Mr in ok so we can say that the Rope factor is helpful for the termination process the whole process of transcription in eukaryotes basically and if you talk about a prokaryote so the basic difference between prokaryotic and Eukaryotic transcription in prokaryotes in prokaryotes and eukaryotes
in case of prokaryotes this single strand type of Mr any is formed or we can say that direct Mr any is formed in case of increase of human or we can see that in Eukaryotic transcription after the transcription of this type of sequence is found this type of mrn is phone that means is to sequence are these are called examine these are intron only Exxon reason are responsible for the for the synthesis of protein
code for the protein synthesis and we can say that examiner also exams are also called according reason in turn is noncoding regions that is why did these are not code for any protein from this protein so we can say that this is also worked as splicing fibre splicing this Exxon reason is combined with each other like this it from a single single strand of DNA and this in turn region are priced out and this reason for the the responsible for the synthesis of protein different is present in the translation of prokaryotic and Eukaryotic prokaryotes directly formed b m r n a while in eukaryotes
Chuna Chuna any action or duplicated Army after it it convert into it and Harini this ok because the only M R N A is RNA is has the capability to produce that this is a process and this whole process is the transcription and this is the difference between the Eukaryotic and prokaryotic please show December answer hope you understand well thank you

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