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Sample Paper 2015


Explain the mechanism of actio...

Updated On: 20-06-2022

Video Solution: Explain the mechanism of action of T cells to antigens.

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Solution : T-cells respond to antigens by producing a clone of T-cells. Each T-cell recognises a specfic antigen. Therefore, the body contains separate T-cells for every antigen that it encounters. When a specific antigen enters the tissues, the T-lymphocytes which are pro grammed to recognise that particular antigen return to the specific T-lymphocyte domains of thellymphoid tissues where they transform into lymphoblasts. Lymphoblasts then divide mitotically to produce activated T-lymphocytes r which enter the circulation and migrate to the site of antigenic stimulation. There are four major types of activated T-lymphocytes, each deals with a specific antigen: <br> The Killer T-cells : They directly attack and destroy antigens. They do so by moving to the site of invasion and producing chemicals that attract phagocytes and stimulate them to feed more aggressively on antigens. They also produce substances which attract other T-cells. <br> <img src="" width="80%"> <br> (ii) Helper T-cells :They act to stimulate antibody production by B-cells. <br> (iii) Supressor T-cells : They suppress the total immune reaction keeping it or to prevent it from attacking the body.s own cells. <br> (iv) Memory T-cells : They have the ability to produce more effector cells and they remember antigen for future encounters.

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Chapter NameSample Paper 2015
SubjectBiology (more Questions)
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hello friends so the question is explain the mechanism of action of t cells to antigen so we need to explain the mechanism of action of t cells to antigens so let's see first of all if we talk about t cells soti Sansar type of lymphocytes India also called as immune cells show that these cells they act on anti show t-cells first of all they recognise the specific antigen superstar call T cells recognise the specific antigen and after the recognition after the recognition

they produce clone of t cells so they produce clone of clone of t cells after that the body contain separate t cells for every antigen that it Encounters so there are separate t cells for every specific antigen in the body so when antigen superfast is when when an antigen enters a tissue when an antigen and Teresa tissue so there is a particular t Lymphocytes which recognises the antigen and then it stimulates the other cells to perform the respective functions and

after that there are killer t cells so first we have killer t cells and the function of Killer t cells is to attack and destroy Indians attack and destroy Shakeela t cells attack and destroy the antigens and this is done by as these killer t cells they produce Chemicals they produce some Chemicals and these Chemicals attract the Chemicals produced by T cells attract the phagocytes in this figure site it upon or feed upon these phagocytes they

feed upon the antigen more aggressively this is how these cells act upon the antigen and after t cells there are these work killer t cells then there are helper t cells and if you talk about the helper t cells so helper t cells stimulated antibody production so if we talk about helper t cells Shuddhi stimulates the antibody production antibody production by b cells antibody production by b cells and after helper t cells we have another kind of t cells which are suppressor t cells

wonderful talk about suppressor t cells so they they they suppress the total immune reaction Chudi cells help in suppressing the immune reaction which prevent the body which prevent the prevented from attacking on body cells sau suppressor t cells they suppress the immune reaction which in turn keeping it or prevent it from attacking on body or bodies own self then there is another type of t cells their memory t cells and if you talk about

memory t cells so they have the ability to produce more effective cells and we can remember Antonyms for future and counter so these cells remember the antigen 4 future encounter so this is all about t cells and how they attack the antigen and their action on the anterior so that's all the explanation to this question thank you

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