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Explain the different stages o...

Updated On: 27-06-2022

Video Solution: Explain the different stages of oogenesis in human starting from life till its completion. When and where in the body is oogenesis completed?

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Solution :  Oogenesis. The process of formation of a mature female gamete ovum) called oogenesis. It occurs in the ovaries (female gonads). It consists of the phases: multiplication, growth and maturation. <br> <img src="" width="80%"> <br> (a) Multiplication phase. In the foetal development, certain cells in the germinal epithelium of the ovary of the foetus are larger than others. These cells divide by mitosis, producing a couple of million egg mother cells or oogonia in each ovary of the foetus. No more oogonia are formed or added after birth. The oogonia multiply by mitotic divisions forming the primary oocytes. <br> (b) Growth phase. This phase of the primary oocyte is very long. It may extend over many years. The oogonium grows into a large primary oocyte by taking food from the surrounding follicle cells. It happens after puberty. <br> (c) Maturation phase. Like a primary spermatocyte, each primary oocyte undergoes two maturation divisions, first meiotic and the second meiotic. The results of maturation divisions in oogenesis are, however, very different from those in spermatogenesis. In the first, meiotic division. the primary oocyte divides into two very unequal haploid daughter cells- a large secondary oocyte and a very small first polar body or polocyte In the second maturation division, the first polar body may divide to form two second polar bodies. The secondary oocyte again divides into unequal daughter cells, a large cod and a very small second polar body. The ootid grows into a functional haploid ovum. Thus from one oogonium, one ovum and three polar bodies are formed. The ovum, is the actual female gamete. The polar bodies take no part in reproduction and hence, soon degenerate In human beings, ovum is released from the ovary in the secondary oocyte stage. The maturation of secondary oocyte is completed in the mother's oviduct Fallopian tube usually after the sperm has entered the secondary oocyte for fertilization

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today we are going to discuss the following question Sofia I have a question that is explain the different stages of with addresses in human life compilation to hear when and where in the body is used in this is completed so sure we have to discuss the 3 stages mainly involved in the project so there is three changes the first one is multiplication page multiplication multiplication the maturation of over take place in the ovary the maturation take place in ovary

that is formed in 2 to cure in multiplication face what happen there consists of a kind of said that is called primordial primordial germ cells germinal cells differentiate and form a Goriya Goli condition and this forms the primary primary primary suicide by first meiotic division

division so this driver you said is in excellent condition what happened in the multiplication pay coming to the second stage that is growth phase growth phase In this phase what happened primary primary who said that which increase in size increase in size increase in size because a it should Naresh it should embryo embryo that's why is increase in size and it increases cytoplasm is increase the number of Mitochondria

in their growth phase and coming to the third page that is maturation Phase 7 mensuration what happened this primary cell converts into primary convert take Kendriya secondary site to site because of that can be optic division division division secondary forms ovum is the formation of Polar body body body

formation formation occur in three stages involved that is multiplication penis growth and maturation these are the three stages involved in the development of to overcome that is the process of formation of Sofia it take place in the ovary of female body this is the meaning of Vishnu so thank you guys

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