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Explain the basis for grouping organisms into five kingdoms.



if we talk about this question in this questionnaire that explain the basis for grouping organisms into five kingdoms like we we know that we have in total five kingdoms right and those five kingdoms our first one is Monera write s s protester write s s protester 3rd S Panchayat 4th plant and the fifth Oneness animalia write these are the five kingdoms which were proposed by RH whittaker so basically there were many classifications were given our done based on different characteristics of an organism out of all the classification that was done write the classification
that was done by r h whittaker right that that was done by RH whittaker in 1969 was accepted worldwide write this was the only classification receiver that was accepted worldwide and is even in use today write the classification was in this classification RH whittaker give five kingdoms write that were Monera Protista fund Rai plant and animal five kingdom classification was done on certain basis rights we were discussed that on water on what basis this classification was given so the number one basis was it was based on the cell structure right it was based on the cell
weather weather the organism has well developed nucleus right or poorly developed nucleus or poorly developed nucleus so on that note he said that there be two types of organism the those who have well developed nucleus or termed as eukaryotes right and the ones who don't who have poly develop nuclear are prokaryotes right and then other than that he said that on the basis of the number of cells write number of cells they will be to type of organisms unicellular and multicellular also there he included cell wall write the presence of
cell wall or absence of cell wall was another characteristic under cell structure then the another basis the second is used for classification was the mode of nutrition right was the mode of nutrition of the source of Nutrition whether the organism is autotrophic or heterotrophic write under heater or traffic he said that there are further subtypes that whether the of the organism could be saprotrophic right or the organism could be parasitic right or the organism could be holozoic right and then if we discuss the last basis of the third basis so the third basis of differentiation was the border design on the basis of body
design is said that I could be the body design could be simple right or it could be advance so the auger so he said the organisms who have simple body organisation or body design they are there are primitive right where as the ones who are advance shows Complex border design right so these were the weight of three basis on which are at Vatika gave the five kingdoms or group organism under these kingdoms right


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