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Class 12






Biodiversity And Conservation


Explain national parks,sanctua...

Updated On: 27-06-2022

Video Solution: Explain national parks,sanctuaries and biosphere reserve as in-situ conservation.

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Text Solution

Solution : (a) National park. <br> (b) Sanctuaries. <br> (c) Biosphere reserve. A biosphere reserve is a specified protected area of land and or coastal environment in which multiple use of the land is permitted by dividing it into zones, each for a particular activity. Recently, the concept of biosphere Reserve has been evolved by UNESCO.s Man and Biosphere Programme (MABP). Till May 2002, there are 408 biosphere reserve bocated in 94, countries out of which 13 are in India of these, the Nilgiri Biosphere Reserve was declared in 1986. <br> Zones of Biosphere Reserve. A biosphere reserve is divided into three zones, core, buffer and manipultion. <br> (i) Core Zone. No human activity is allowed in the core zone. <br> (ii) Buffer Zone. Limited human activity is permitted in the buffer zone. <br> (iii) Manipilation Zone. Several human activities can occur in the manipulation zone. <br> Role of Biosphere Reserve. A biosphere reserve preserves (a) conservation wild populations, (b) Development, and (c ) gentic reasources of domesticated plants and animals carrying out scientific research monitorine and education.

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