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Biotechnology : Principles And Processes


Explain how recombinant DNA is...

Explain how recombinant DNA is entered into host cell or in living organism ?

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Solution : There are several methods of introducing the ligated DNA into recipient cells. Recipient cells, after making them competent to receive, take up DNA present in its surrounding. <br> So, if a recombinant DNA bearing gene for resistance to an antibiotic (e.g. ampicillin) is E. Coli cells, the host cells become transformed into ampicillin resistant transferred cells. <br> If we spread the transformed cells on agar plates containing ampicillin, only transformants will grew, untransformed recipient cells will die. <br> Since due to ampicillin resistance gene, one is able to select a transformed cell in the presence of ampicillin. The ampicillin resistance gene in this case is called a selectable marker.


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QuestionExplain how recombinant DNA is entered into host cell or in living organism ?
Chapter NameBiotechnology : Principles And Processes
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