Explain how natural selection operates in nature by taking an example of white winged and dark winged moths of England.


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Step by step video solution for Explain how natural selection operates in nature by taking an example of white winged and dark winged moths of England. by Biology experts to help you in doubts & scoring excellent marks in Class 12 exams.


special plain natural selection using the example of the white wind and the bank of England selection evolution given to us by Charles Darwin important aspect can be explained using the phrase survival of the fittest natural selection mean any population of any special 25 relations in the members of the population and identical to each other they different many characteristics according to these variations the basis of revolution that some of these variations are going to be beneficial beneficial mean that going to increase the chances of
Survival the organism which is there going to enhance fitness of the organism which show the location is going to increase in the coming generations in the winter Surat news is better able to adapt with the environment after the population has increased the time we take the example of what we saw was before the industrial revolution if you look at the population of these small with
20% why was it is believed that this was because of natural selection because before industrial revolution White coloured lichen light coloured walls in his bike like predators the number on the population of India Industries EMIT a lot of influence the discharge a lot of carbon into the atmosphere pollution and
coloured black coming from the factory only small number 20% such a change in the frequency of both types of because now against the background of a black suit with a covering the street from the Predator school is the predators could easily the life in the hidden from today till the perfect is natural selection that the colour is enabling more pleasant background Sachin Tendulkar batting B like the white head in this B like NSK Predator Batman after Industrial Revolution
the distribution of the life in narrow and the treatment would likely to be covered with black colour suit evolutionary advantage is it is what frequency of the decreasing sequence of the increased because after the industrial revolution

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