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Explain how animals in Vertebrata are classified into further subgroups.



if we talk about this question and the questionnaire that explain how animals in vertebrata are classified into further the subgroups Soviet to discuss that how vertebrate or further classified into subgroups on the the basis for the classification of vertebrates here is the simple to Complex body structure right according to the body structure that is simple to Complex write the organisms are the animals in vertebrata are classified into subgroups rate as per the body structure and their function devar classified as a b take an example like on what basis of the body structure and function Siva take a simple example so we take
example of heart Chambers right heart Chambers on that on this basis right on the basis of their heart Chambers The fishes have two chambered heart right fishes have two chambered heart right on the other hand have two chambered heart on the other hand about in amphibians right amphibians have three chambered heart and the and the leaves and lives and mammals have four chambered heart was to keep the so as to keep the oxygenated and deoxygenated blood separate right so this is one such example there are so many examples in terms of body structure and their function
that means that on that on what on this basis we have provided the animals in vertebrata vertebrates into subgroups rate so on that no on that note the animals in vertebrata were divided into further subgroups which are Pisces right Pisces MCB MCB reptilia reptilia right then AIDS and lastly mammals right so on that not every discuss the characteristics one by one that what were the characteristic they have been divided into that animals have been classified into further subgroups so in case of Pisces the exoskeleton exoskeleton consists of scale
exit skeleton concept or exoskeleton is a is made up of scales well as endoskeleton right and skeleton is made of bone or cartilage right and they breathe and Pisces other fishes breathe through gills these are the characteristics now for the amphibious amphibia in amphibians the larval stage the have kids for the breathing right and mostly in most of the adults they have lungs right and they have slimming skin these are the characteristic on that no 30 certain animals were placed under amphibia now in reptilia the career
Mystic word that exoskeleton write the exhaust skeleton in reptilia was made was made of scales and reptiles Lays eggs outside water right other than this year after liya other reptiles Lays eggs outside water it in there and that I will talk about the age so age have the exoskeleton right exoskeleton which is covered by are made of feathers right they have The Skeleton of the others also they lay eggs outside water write a leg outside water and the and in most of the age of the birth of light is possible right taycan
because they have developed the following four Limbs in two Wings right now in case of mammals so the mammals they had their excess gallatin covered with hair write their access gallatin is made of hair right and other than that they have external ears all the mammals have external ears other than that they gave birth to young ones that we do not lay eggs or give birth to young ones right and they have mammary glands the most important characteristic of organisms are the animals to possess mammary glands and give birth to young ones are placed under Chap group mammals are the mammalian right on this basis these 5 sub groups were given under vertebrata right


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