Question : Explain flow from source to sink.

Updated On: 17-04-2022

Video Solution: Explain flow from source to sink.

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Solution :
Source : Where plant makes food (leaf). <br> Sink : Where food is stored in plants (Root, stem). <br> Food, primarily sucrose is transported by the vascular tissue phloem from a source to a sink. <br> Usually the source is understood to be that part of the plant which synthesises the food, i.e., the leaf, and sink, the part that needs or stores the food. <br> But, the source and sink may be reversed depending on the season, or the plant.s needs. <br> Sugar stored in roots may be mobilised to become a source of food in the early spring. <br> When the buds of trees, act as sink, <br> They need energy for growth and development of the photosynthetic apparatus. <br> Since the source-sink relationship is variable. <br> The movement is always from downwards to upwards unidirectional. <br> Unidirectional : So the direction of movement can be upwards, upwards or downwards or bi-directional. <br> Bi-directional : Food in phloem sap can be transported in any required direction so as long as there is a source of sugar and a sink able to use, store or remove the sugar. Phloem sap is mainly water and sucrose, but other sugars, hormones and amino acids are also transported or translocated through phloems.


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