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Animal Kingdom


Explain digestive system in ea...

Updated On: 27-06-2022

Video Solution: Explain digestive system in earthworm.

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Chapter NameAnimal Kingdom
SubjectBiology (more Questions)
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question here is explain the digestive system in earthworm so we know that the Earth was believed that he was the Goddess organisms are those organisms which lives in soil and take take their food can be further apart from this a person having the complete and incomplete alimentary canal and what is this mean that complete alimentary canal which means said there had been taken out starts and ends with T and S ok so starting the alimentary canal of digestive system of the earth from the mouth so we know that mouth is presented for segment it is present in the first segment update after mouth there is the second part of the Earth is be admitted in other parts of gift

that is start from the past week and ends with the third segment of earthworm is known as we know it is known as the buccal cavity ok biggest just after the mouth then after the buccal cavity here in the fourth segment we can see that here different cells present in this friends is divided into two parts parents divided into two parts first is it haram give first part in dorsal part and secondary ventral and dorsal part of the penis is further having be two kinds of the glands first is the blanks ok Angel

and then this library g g Differential and selling cells that produce the texan that has the salivary gland produce baby after that we can see that after the penis the also start from the eight segment and pedals having main function to push push into a stuck in between stomach and oesophagus there is present in the mid segment and night segment ok that in a line segment give it is present in the function of desert

it function is to investigate and say that it is extending masticatory organs and the desert is formed of the longitudinal because we know that earthworm have engaged to kind of the muscles the muscles as well as the longitudinal muscle but in case of the given that is on the longitudinal muscles is present after that the stomach is start here the food comes and the system of some kind of the blacks ok so it having we can see Firdous

English cancel ferrous plants having function to neutralize the humic acid ok to neutralize the acid present in the food of the earth after that the intestinal reason of the alimentary canal starts here at onwards Hindi understand season begins with the structure which called as a intestine of seeker it starts with the 25th segment this starts with the 25th segment and it runs upward till the 23rd statement it is T20 third segment the main function of this interest NSE kam is to produce the enzyme

Mrs responsible for the titration of the car to hydrate so the large quantity of absorption and digestion occur in this interest and listen ok the intestine and having the three lining that is first lining is the this Prit Apollo 16 part of the intestine then it is no 16 part of interest and and next is the most impressive when we talking about the pretty plus aura reasons it starts with the tree is your 16 season starts with b 15 segment and runs today 25th segment of the intestine and dirty Pro 16 reason here

this one is D starts with the 27th segment and it runs to be last 25 segments 25 function of this boat to Jasola reason is to provide the surface area is time to be absorption of absorption away ok after both took place on a recent post + organism design is lead post duflo 16 reason this is the reason that runs in the last 25 last 25 seconds and here it is also termed as the director and dad in rectum there is some and

it was telling undigested present undigested food then goes from the rectum to the anus anus it goes outside of body so this is the entire structure of the earth digestive system thank you


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