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Class 12






Organisms And Populations


Explain competitive release an...

Updated On: 27-06-2022

Video Solution: Explain competitive release and Gause's competitive exclusion principle.

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Solution : Competition. It is a type of interaction either among the individuals of the same species (for the same resources, that are limiting) or between the individuals/populations of different species (competition for common food source, space or light). Hence, competition is of two types : <br> (a) Intraspecific: between closely related species. <br> (b) Interspecific: competition between unrelated species, a potent force in organic evolution. <br> (i) Interfering competition. Here the feeding efficiency of one species might be reduced due to the interference and inhibitory presence of the other species, even if food resources and space are abundant. <br> Competition is a process in which the fitness of one species (measured in term of V the intrinsic rate of increase) is significantly lower in the presence of another species. <br> (ii) Competitive exclusion. When resources are limited, the competitive superior species will eventually eliminate the other species, e.g., Abingdon tortoises in Galapagos islands became extinct within a decade after the goats were introduced on the island, apparent due to the greater browsing efficiency of the goats. <br> (iii) Competitive release. A species whose distribution is restricted to a small geographical area because of the presence of a competitively superior species, is found to expand its distribution range dramatically when the competing species is experimentally removed. <br> In general, herbivores and plants appear to be more adversely affected by competition than carnivores. <br> (iv) Gauge.s competitive exclusion principle states that the two closely related species competing for the same resources cannot co-exist indefinitely and the competitive inferior one will be eliminated eventually. This may be true if the resources are limited but not otherwise. More recent studies point out that species, facing competition might evolve mechanisms that promote coexistence rather than exclusion. <br> One method of co-existence is "resource partitioning. if two species compete for the same resource they could avoid competition by choosing for instance different times for feeding or different foraging patterns. <br> Mac Arthur showed that five closely related species of warblers living on the same tree were able to avoid competition and co-exist due to behavioural differences in their foraging activities.

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