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Class 12






Biodiversity And Conservation


Explain briefly the 'rivet pop...

Updated On: 27-06-2022

Video Solution: Explain briefly the 'rivet popper hypothesis' of Paul Ehrlich.

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Solution : Ecologist Paul Ehrlich gave rivet popper hypothesis to help understand the contribution species richness. He compared each species with rivet in the body of an airplane. <br> (i) This hypothesis explains that ecosystem to be an airplane and the species to be the rivets joining all parts together. <br> (ii) If every passenger travelling in the airplane start taking rivets home (causing a species to become extinct), initially it may not affect flight safety (proper functioning of ecosystem), but over a period of time the plane becomes weak and dangerous (species become endangered and then extinct).

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Chapter NameBiodiversity And Conservation
SubjectBiology (more Questions)
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after explain of a hypothesis given by Paul Eric that a very rich biodiversity for many different varieties of Flora Fauna micro all kinds of life on earth but but we have seen in recent times that due to various human activities pagli pagli has been completely fighter now we need to original it takes some steps to prevent the biodiversity loss to Texas threats of biodiversity conservation so that the alarming rate of extinction can be reduced but many people might pose

the question that government all over the world has many hours before protecting the biodiversity important to protect this is so rich in different kinds of species of plants and animals we have over 20,000 different initial only how does a sweater how is it going to affect our life if 5,000 of these pieces of pants The Lost and lonely 15000 electron there was important to confirm that gave us the scope of hypothesis in which he is comparing the natural ecosystem 20 replay are all of the different species of plants and animals which are living in the ecosystem the making of a biotic community of the biological community is

comparing them to the screws holding their pain together now bike making a very special has an integral role in the ecosystem suppose a particular species is being lost from the ecosystem for a particular species is going to compare it to the airplane if Bank goes missing immediately going to college offer him in that every Fashion that is coming this film is popping it is taking is group today's it is going to make a difference if every passenger price of through the plane is still going to maintain its structure is 2530 50 Cruise eventually this process is

repeated Likhit like the what occasion is going on right now eventually just airplane is going to be disintegrated or we can say the ecosystem is going to collapse from this event is being perfect if suppose the passenger is taking a screw which is on the windows on which is the state the internal structure might be affected but the airplane will still be able to fly it will still be able to carry out its main function but if the loss of this event is going to be just lost

initial stage of human lives at all but eventually every species are doing loss at this natural ecosystem like the airplane that we have been talking about in hypothesis and also matter what kind of roll the species is occupying the ecosystem whether it is very important special dependent upon whether it plays a very important role role is peripheral but eventually all the fish is important to maintain the proper to maintain the integrity of the ecosystem of the airplane is called a castle even if some particular species might not be of any immediate significance to us suppose there is no economic importance the pieces of and are not beneficial to US and anyway but an integral role in the ecosystem which the inhabitants and

all of the different stages in the making of the biotic community are linked to the other fishes in some call it is comparing an ecosystem to an airplane the rivets holding together this flag is comparing to the different fishes forming the biological if every passenger chat popping just as officials are being lost the biodiversity is being lost nowadays eventually airplane is going to collapse

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