Question : Expand the abbreviation: <br> SNP

Updated On: 17-04-2022

Video Solution: Expand the abbreviation: SNP

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Solution :
Single nucleotide Polymorphism


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hello Ribbon to expand the abbreviation is NPS MP stands for this single it stands for The Single Single Single nucleotide polymorphisms Single nucleotide polymorphism now what are the present in the nucleic acid 2019 timing and durable and cytosine this species did they differ they differ from the Sequencing of T1 species 1 PCS it differs from the another species because of the because of the difference in the DNA nucleotides single ne bataya how does it happen for example a particular species has a sequence of a c b s e

over here it is present then and another species and another species of the same genus has a sequence of a a a g a g c and over here instead of CT is present and father rest of the sequence is it and if there is a single nucleotide single nucleotide and because of that species one species be performed a species why because of polymorphism and single nucleotide polymorphism

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QuestionExpand the abbreviation: <br> SNP
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