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Question : Excreta preserved as a fossil is called as

Updated On: 17-04-2022

Video Solution: Excreta preserved as a fossil is called as

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Stromatolite Compression fossilIntact fossilCoprolite

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Sudha question is excreta preserved as is called and causes of organisms organisms reproduce of Shell feather and leaves skin of come to the question and now we will discuss

our first option that is stromatolite Krishna biochemical equipment structure and these are found in Shallow water chalo bye bye the process like trapping binding and even Cementation microbial man

photosynthesis know this stromatolite fossilization it provides a record of ancient life on earth compression for elementary preserved in sedimentary rock sedimentary that has undergone physical compression when the forces are under the sedimentary rock and completion compression pressure

animal good compression process it is very common to preserve it is help plant preserve now ok what is Impact what is Fossil preservation without alternation mean the spirit of the origin and their original song in the rocks or somewhere organic matter

original visa in original organic metal is typically discovered in test include shell and that for now our food option is coprolite talked about the apostle peter so it is also known as the popular writer copra from Greek word meaning the porcelain

corsalite July pic classified acid trace fossils use other trees at a post to border forces as they give evidence for the animal behaviour rather than them remain of the organism like bone cells please populate provide the evidence of animal behaviour so

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QuestionExcreta preserved as a fossil is called as
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