Updated on:30/05/2023

Excess of ATP inhibits respiration by inhibiting one of the following enzymes


Text Solution

(a) phosphofructokinase
(b) pyruvic dehydrogenase
(c) isomerase
(d) acomitase
The correct Answer is A


the person says excess of ATP in respiration by innovating one of the following enzymes should be used on enzyme of glycolysis and after that in Black on shares it is the conversion of glucose to the pirate which releases energy and it is the product of glycolysis and feedback information to slow down that college ATP in which regulate the process of glycolysis in this
call mummy is the conversion of fructose 6 phosphate to the proposed by phosphate with help of refractive so after this process the it the amount of ATP decide whether to continue the process or not if the ATP is sufficient amount in the cell then the process cannot go for the but if there is no need of a technique for school project will work properly and the process will go for the to the conversion to the final product which is pyruvate in the option is this is correct but it will be hydrogen is used to convert pyruvate
To Aise time which is better for the Newton wrong then see it as I'm here which is used to convert glucose 6 phosphate to Chapter 6 phosphate is not that invite accountant according to the activity of the enzyme get integrated in the presence of access to this enzyme which innovative glycolysis


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