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Class 11






Photosynthesis In Higher Plants


Even though a very few cells i...

Updated On: 27-06-2022

Video Solution: Even though a very few cells in a C_(4) plant carry out the biosynthetic – Calvin pathway, yet they are highly productive. Can you discuss why?

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Solution : The productivity of a plant is measured by the rate at which it photosynthesises. The amount of carbon dioxide present in a plant is directly proportional to the rate of photosynthesis.` C_(4)` plants have a mechanism for increasing the concentration of carbon dioxide. In `C_(4)` plants, the Calvin cycle occurs in the bundle-sheath cells. The `C_(4)` compound (malic acid) from the mesophyll cells is broken down in the bundlesheath cells. As a result, `CO_(2)` is released. The increase in `CO_(2)` ensures that the enzyme RuBisCo does not act as an oxygenase, but as a carboxylase. This prevents photorespiration and increases the rate of photosynthesis. Thus, `C_(4)` plants are highly productive.

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Chapter NamePhotosynthesis In Higher Plants
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which ok but this question in this question we ask that even though a very few cells in C4 plants that carry out the biosynthetic K pathway yet they are highly productive can you discuss why right so basically if we discuss your so the C4 plants right so the C4 plant write in C4 plants photorespiration does not occur rights of photorespiration is basically a respiratory process write its a respiratory process that takes place in the presence of light show in this respiratory process what happens at the higher plants they start taking in the oxygen right they start taking the oxygen and releasing CO2 right and the starting oxygen in releasing carbon dioxide in presence of light rights

this process is basically known as the photorespiration rights basically in C4 plants photorespiration it do not occur write it do not occur right because they have a particular mechanism as they have a mechanism that basically increases the concentration of Co2 at the enzyme site right at the enzyme side that's because this so basically this takes place when the C4 acid so all this event all this occurs write all the states place when the C4 acid from the Mizo phyll right from the Mizo phyll is broken down right agc for acid from the means of a little breaks down right in the bundle sheet right in the bundle sheath cells right in the

bundle sheath cells so as to release right so as to release the carbon dioxide right to ask to release the carbon dioxide that for the result in increasing the right that further leads to an increase in intracellular concentration of the Co2 right that further increases the intracellular concentration of Co2 rights of basically dress well for the lead this will further ensure that the orbis school function right that the rubisco function right that the rubisco functions as a carboxylase write the rubisco basically functions as the carboxylase that further minimise write that further minimise or basically we can say reduce the oxygen is activity right that further reduced

oxygenase activity rights does the photosynthesis rate increases its because of their the photosynthesis rate that's because of tasty photo synthesis rate that basically increases right and it makes the C4 plants more and more productive write more and more productive Sab this is the reason why that even though very few cells in a C4 plant they carry out the biosynthetic K pathway still the are highly productive Bakers the photosynthetic rate increases right so this is the basic reason right

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