Evaluate the suitability of DNA and RNA as genetic material and justify the suitability of the one that is preferred as an ideal genetic material.

Updated on:21/07/2023
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Evaluation of DNA and RNA on the basis of the properties of the genetic material:
1. It should be able to generate its replica (Replication): As per the rule of base pairing and complementarity, both the nucleic acids (DNA and RNA) have the ability to direct their duplications.
2. The genetic material should be chemically and structurally stable enough not to change with different stages of life cycle, age or with change in physiology of the organism. Presence of 2-OH group and uracil make RNA more reactive and structurally less stable than DNA. Therefore, DNA is a better genetic material than RNA.
3. It should provide the scope for slow changes (mutation) that are required for evolution: Both DNA and RNA are able to mutate. In fact, RNA being unstable, mutates at a faster rate. Consequently, viruses having RNA genome and having shorter life span mutate and evolve faster.
4. It should be able to express itself in the form of Mendelian Characters’: RNA can directly code for the synthesis of proteins, hence can easily express the characters. DNA, however, is dependent on RNA for synthesis of proteins. The protein synthesising machinery has evolved around RNA.
5. The above discussion indicates that both RNA and DNA can function as genetic material, but DNA being more stable is preferred for storage of genetic information

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