Endosperm of Areca/Betal Nut is


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student question given age and auditing not know how that is formed in the form of the mail which is the Unites with the secondary and is formed as a result of fertilization of the main and Yaadein Meri structure structure that is developed endoscope on asset reply structure is it is deployed and structures and endosperm is divided into four types of the first type
this free nuclear type type there is only nuclear division so just the division of cytoplasmic division Division Office near this part is liquid for example the liquid of the coconut milk nuclear division it is then there are the type that is formation formation and this type of cellular endosperm it is hard for example in the example of Allah
there is a third type of nuclear and now hear what is type there is still in the beginning and end forming coordination and that is why it is a state of endosperm between standard and type a and type b like this
structures like structures they are basically a group of course which are formed in the endosperm and describe it is the definition of not strong and type of endosperm is there isn't a good night

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