Endosperm is not present in mature seeds of
(a) Orchid, Barely
(b) Wheat, Rice
(c) Castor Pea
(d) Bean, Gram


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Step by step video solution for Endosperm is not present in mature seeds of(a) Orchid, Barely (b) Wheat, Rice (c) Castor Pea (d) Bean, Gram by Biology experts to help you in doubts & scoring excellent marks in Class 12 exams.


hello students selected the question and sperm is not present in the mature seeds of apni aukat Bali of the rights of the caster p and optionally be NG if that is not present in which of the following season when we talk about endosperm is basically to represent of food store in tissue ok food store in tissue and storing tissue is basically present in a seed so that it can help in the process of germination of a and b is M produce as a result of fertilization in angiosperms which basically have and they are known as endospermic seeds this is with Windows and doors for me coronavirus see some examples include
mein kya coconut ok these are some examples of seats which basically have and then he does not possess any kind of endosperm is known as non endospermic seed write an example of this not endospermic and we can see X am not and order also known as xlv Venice there are few examples which basically include both monocot and dicot seed example majorly include Graham it include p88 into Masters and groundnut as well as the option
option A Rocket and valleys of Barley is basically a type of endosperm is country option Wild Orchid is a type of non endospermic seed are effect of teeth which does not have endosperm option is the correct option I hope this answers your question students

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