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Electron acceptor of PS II is...

Question : Electron acceptor of PS `II` is

Updated On: 17-04-2022

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Text Solution

Cyt bFRSPQ`NADP^(+)`

Answer :


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hello students the question here says the electron acceptor of PS2 is while the see that the incident light when it falls on the PS2 system it was on the PS1 as well so the electrons of the PS2 system will get excited and it will be carried to a chain of cytochrome not the first cytochrome which is going to help it is the cytochrome b6f which has got a plastic in on first and it is going to then had to hand over the electrons to plastocyanin so PQ that is the plastic in OPC and PPC that is the plastocyanin along with the cytochrome that that is a part of the cytochrome b6f one Complex right so this is the one which is first going to take up the electrons from the PS2 system followed by which it is transfer to molecule of the PS1 system that is a photosystem 1 followed by it is given to the energy positive to through a molecule

paradoxes the right answer this question is EQ that is plastic 9 is the right answer for this question so we can mark option number 3 as a right answer where are the other options which are given here cytochrome B frs or the LED poppy positivism wrong answer placemark option number 3 is a correct answer this question

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QuestionElectron acceptor of PS `II` is
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