Edible part of guava is


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students should be patient have a God says I didn't part of guava is the first option given him other calendars and Erica set an option and dry fruit and none of the above so we talked about the guava so it is quite a fleshy fruit should the fleshy fruit and this continues how to clear almost every food outer layer is present which is known as Tarik ka and this pericarp is tissue which developed from the ovary one of the flour and that this Pelican suppose this is a perika it's around the sea to protect This Is Tarah ka Surround the seed to protect it from environment from parenting and edible part of the edible part
which is the text along with the thalamus America + thalamus is the edible part swear correct talked about and Thai food so this option is incorrect because there are many parts like mesocarp 2 ka result not add Baba entire fruit this option is incorrect to talk about third option that is enduka enduka we can say it is banana but it is not written in the this action is also in correct and ever talked about the last option that is none of the above this option is because the first option that is very complex thalamus this option is correct first option hair is correct thalamus and Erica I hope this is clear to you thank you

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