Edible part in litchi is


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hello students in this question we need to find out that the edible part of Litchi is which out of these whether it is neither Cup the fleshy errol and other perika so let's talk about Lichi for the Neeche is Litchi chinensis so this is the name of it BT finances this case we see the brown pericarp is somewhat spiny brown perika which is the outer layer which can be seen it is somewhat spiny still but it is hard also so this is about the outer layer that is the outer skin that is the perika encloses a large brown seat and fruit of it develops from tricarpellary is talk about the Chutiya
route from tricarpellary that V3 couples are present in the flower it is in couple that is all the purpose of use to each other and trilocular countries having 3 Lok or compartment in them so it is a trial Okhla only in which one of you look the Chamber reaches maturity in between the season the perika this year is on the inner side and pericarp is on the outer lid recovering and in between these two there is less CL there is glacial and display she is white translucent and edible structure of Liberty this is the edible part it is considered to be additional integument of the ovule was developed from the funiculus of the ovule so this is the edible part that is the flash all
chemical powder right option so here we see that we have pleasure error in the option number to this can be marked as a right option for this question option of the two while music aap is aur endosperm of Erica or not edible part is a Lichi so that is why these are the wrong option this is all about this query thank you

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