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Class 12






Molecular Basis Of Inheritance


Each of the following question...

Updated On: 27-06-2022

Video Solution: Each of the following questions/statements has four suggested answers. Rewrite the correct answer in each case: DNA is a double helix and

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Text Solution

Complementary and parallelComplementary and antiparallelWithout supercoilsAlways circular

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Chapter NameMolecular Basis Of Inheritance
SubjectBiology (more Questions)
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students let's discuss this question each of the following question has four suggested answers rewrite the correct answer in each case is a double helix and is it complementary and parallel complementary and anti parallel without supercoils and always circular we know that DNA is a double helix which is anti parallel in nature antiparallel means India stand runs from 5 crime 23 prime and and from 3 prime and 25 prime and so these are antiparallel strands of a feature of DNA is that it is complementary in nature complementary

means the base pairs in DNA are the number of equal to the number of in and the number of 3 is equal to the number of the first statement is incorrect that DNA strands are complementary and parallel because they are not parallel S statement will be correct that DNA strand is complementary and antiparallel third statement is DNA strands are without supercoils which is also wrong because I spent in a cell in supercoiled form statement is also wrong because DNA is not always circular DNA is circular in some organisms but for example in human DNA linear it is not always circular but it can be linear or circular both so the correct statement is complementary and antiparallel thank you students

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