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Class 12






Strategies For Enhancement In Food Production


Each of the following question...

Updated On: 27-06-2022

Video Solution: Each of the following questions/statements has four suggested answers. Rewrite the correct answer in each case: (ii) Germplasm includes

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Text Solution

Cultivated improved varietiesThe varieties which are no more in cultivationWild and obsolete plantsAll of these

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Chapter NameStrategies For Enhancement In Food Production
SubjectBiology (more Questions)
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hello students to the question here says each of the following questions statement has four suggested answers so rewrite the correct answers in each case we have to choose an option from this forum shion so the Jump last includes so what it is sea water Jump last so jump plasma means germ cells like over over have themselves which produce oven and in case of germ cells produce sperm cell sperm gamete ok so germ cells these are kept safely in gene Bank Sudheer germ cells which are protected and kept in gene Bank

John Players zoom Plaza which of the option will correct AC we will see here to jump last include cultivated improved varieties the varieties which are no more in cultivation by Din absolute plants and all of these the varieties which are no more in cultivation there is no need to keep them safely and white absolute plant they are already available in the environment so we do not have to keep them also we should be kept keep cultivated improved varieties to jump plasma include cultivated improved varieties of plant and animal cells show our post option is correct thank you

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