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Class 12






Mock Test 09 Zoology


During which of the following ...

Updated On: 27-06-2022

Video Solution: During which of the following of the following events of cardiac cycle, AV valves remain closed?

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Text Solution

Atrial systoleVentricular systoleVentricular diastoleJoint diastole

Answer : B

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Question Details till 10/08/2022

Chapter NameMock Test 09 Zoology
SubjectBiology (more Questions)
Type of AnswerVideo
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In Video - English
In Text - English
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hello students the question given is during which of the following events of the cardiac cycle the evils that is the atrioventricular valves remain closed or option systel ventricular systole and diastole and joint diastole it is divided into four phases there are three sister and diastole which is the contraction and relaxation of and then there is ventricular systole and diastole which is contraction of the left and right ventricle respectively with these four phases be together some of the cardiac cycle and What happens in the spaces in that contract and the blood is flown to the ventricle during this time the even as they are

open because blood flow is happening from Asia to ventricle and hard the blood flow is always uni-directional which is so that the blood flows in One Direction then during the ventricular system which is the time when the left and the right ventricle their contract and decrease of these contracts and because of the eventual contraction blood is pumped to the aorta and pulmonary trunk respectively the blood from the left ventricle and goes into the iOS 6 and the from the right ventricle it goes into the URL Manali Trance your as the blood flow is unidirectional flow to prevent backflow of blood so that blood and doesn't show back into the Atrium that is why did he was with her M as which is as the extractors live

Dekh Lo baksho of blood is prevented this happened during the ventricular contraction which is known as the ventricular City CR options during actual sisters the Asia contract in easy ways women open to this is a wrong option during ventricular systole the area was used to prevent backflow of blood services the right option for our question ventricular diastole is when both these ventricles left and right the hour relaxing and the diameter that time at this time and their feelings so please time both these principles and relaxing and also than the easy way to open this is a wrong option and lastly water is joined as to joined as a process where there is flow of blood from the veins and from coronary artery

from both these places from dreams and from coronary artery into the Atria during this time he was also remain open and the Battles of bicuspid and tricuspid valve these valves that this time they remain closed so among these four options only during ventricular system has remained close to prevent the backflow of blood produces the right answer for this question thank you

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