Question : During muscle contraction

Updated On: 17-04-2022

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Size of A-bands remains the same Size of H-zone becomes smaller Size of I-bands decreases All the above.

Answer :


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muscle contraction options are all the above is made up of which are called fibril myofibrils consists of bands or we can see light or dark band called dark bands band or a nice write the aa

the dark bands are made up of the protein at 10:00 of the protein are right that binds the middle of the is called the blind or the right is overlapping a right near the actin myosin filament overlapping right align right one line and the second line is called

write this is the unit of contraction it is the unit of contraction alright and in the band are not overlapping the abe this is called the right direction takes place over unit of the actin filament it stops the masking the active site at site of myosin filaments are right and what they do

that the abe and fine for pull towards the right now since the years I Ban they are pulled towards the full length of the band will decrease or right you can also see that the h Rone which was this bag is also decreasing during contraction alright and that is this is remaining the same that is it retain its options that are given to the first once a size of a band remain the same which is true size of h-zone becomes smaller during contraction that also we have seen

this is also true size of IB and decreases because that pulled towards the centre that is also true are correct option for all the above thank you

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