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During anaphase I of meiosis


Text Solution

homologous chromosomes separate
non-homologous chromosomes separate
sister chromatids chromosomes separate
non-sister chromatids chromosomes separate.
The correct Answer is A
During anaphase I, from each tetrad, two chromatids of a chormosome move as a unit (dyad) to one pole of a spindle and the remaining two chromatids of its homolgue migrate to the opposite pole. Thus the homologous chromosmes of each pair, rather than the chromatids of a chromosme, are separated. As a result, half of the chormosomes, which appear in early prophase, go to eadch pole. It is here in the anaphse I that the real reduction in the number of chromosomes occurs.


Halloween answer the questions that during anaphase 1 of the neocis Amol August chromosome separate the unknown human chromosome separate seem sister chromatid and chromosome separate and D non sister chromatid and chromosome separate alright so we know that the US is a reduction division and there are two steps in the process used in yourself to in using one what happens we have Pro Phase 1 b have metaphase 1 right then the and of 11 and then the tale of a intro Phase 1 what happens the chromosomes becomes visible under the microscope alright then in metaphase what happened the whole August chromosome spare line together along the equatorial plate alright and the microtubules come and attached to their Central near of this
what happens the chromosome they separate and they moved towards the opposite whole the human chromosome separate but the sister chromatid they remain together these are committed an Interior face what happens the nuclear membrane and the nucleolus at reappear form in the diet of diet of the surfaces story regarding the anaphase 1 and anaphase a water what did I say that the chromosome separate but this remains to so post options that separates us through and a sister chromatid they remain together they do not separate


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